Hotforwords | Some phobias

Hotforwords | Some phobias

Just a fun video about some phobias! Can you guess them?

Hotforwords | Cummingtonite

This is a word I did before as a Nerd Word of the Day.. I just wanted to have fun with it.. so I made this cheesy video about it! Think of this as recess time for the weekend!

Hotforwords | Mischievous part deux!

OK guys.. I was in New York for my birthday and saw that the New Year’s Eve ball was being taken down and it appeared at this party on Sunday. Is there some mischievous behavior going on here?

Plus we learn about Mischief Night in this lesson!

Hotforwords | People steal stuff in NY? No.. can't be!

Here is the video of the party where the New Year's Eve Ball ended up! Did they steal it? Borrow it? Plus I go into the origin of the word mischievous.

Hotforwords | Tell Kanye West to shut the F@CK UP

Profanity... where does the word come from? End song Smuga by Endorphine. Used with permission.

Hotforwords | Pittsburgh Steelers rock

Hotforwords | Smoking pot with Michael Phelps?

Hotforwords | Grammys

HotForWords | Who is Marina?

Who is HotForWords? Her name is Marina Orlova,
she’s 28 and she’s a philologist!
Now you might be asking what the heck is a philologist?
Well, it’s someone who studies linguistics and etymology.. and in Marina’s case.. she has applied her Philology degrees to specializing in word origins.

Marina has two degrees - Teaching of Russian Language and World Literature
Specializing in Philology
and the Teaching of English Language
Specializing in Philology
from State University of Nizhni Novgorod Region
in Russian Federation, graduated 2002 and taught English to high school students for 2

Marina burst in on the scene in mid 2007 launching her YouTube channel HotForWords,
where she takes requests from YouTube viewers for words to discuss, and she releases 5-7
videos each week discussing the origins of these words, in a fun and playful manner!

Marina is the #1 most viewed Guru on YouTube, she’s consistently
one of the most watched channels on ALL of YouTube as well - just ahead of
Universal Music Group and the NBA,
her videos are seen over five million times each week (She is currently at

video views on YouTube
alone and counting!), she recently hosted a bi-weekly
radio show on Maxim Radio on Sirius Satellite Radio, she’s currently
writing a book for HarperCollins on fun word origins - yet nobody really knows much about Marina,
other than what her channel states - that she is from “The Capital of the Republic of
Lexicon” and her hometown is “Etymologia”
marina hot for words

Called the “Sexiest Philologist in the world” by New Yorker Magazine,
Marina was voted the World’s #1 Sexiest Geek by Wired Magazine’s
Sexy Geek of the Year Contest, she’s been on the Bill O’Reilly Factor Show on Fox a few times teaching him a few word origins :-), she was voted the 5th hottest woman on the net by G4 TV and she was mentioned in Cosmopolitan Magazine as one of the top 3 channels on YouTube! As her tag-line at the beginning of her videos states “Intelligence is Sexy” - Marina is definitely doing her part to try to prove that point! For a video recap of all this, watch this segment from G4 Television’s Attack of the Show.

Marina can be found on YouTube at, on iTunes and her website