Hotforwords | Some phobias

Hotforwords | Some phobias

Just a fun video about some phobias! Can you guess them?

Hotforwords | Cummingtonite

This is a word I did before as a Nerd Word of the Day.. I just wanted to have fun with it.. so I made this cheesy video about it! Think of this as recess time for the weekend!

Hotforwords | Mischievous part deux!

OK guys.. I was in New York for my birthday and saw that the New Year’s Eve ball was being taken down and it appeared at this party on Sunday. Is there some mischievous behavior going on here?

Plus we learn about Mischief Night in this lesson!

Hotforwords | People steal stuff in NY? No.. can't be!

Here is the video of the party where the New Year's Eve Ball ended up! Did they steal it? Borrow it? Plus I go into the origin of the word mischievous.

Hotforwords | Tell Kanye West to shut the F@CK UP

Profanity... where does the word come from? End song Smuga by Endorphine. Used with permission.